Contract Plant Rental serves the UKs port and rail industry with a range of contract hire machinery

The UK’s Ports and Rail services are vital to our economy and here at Contract Plant Rental we are proud to supply a number of machines that keep them running smoothly. To keep the countries ports moving efficiently it is vital to have reliable machines. Contract Plant Rental supply the industries most popular brands. UK Ports run continually and often require specialist machines for unique applications therefore it is vital to have reliable, modern machinery that comes with total peace of mind that you are working with a company such as Contract Plant Rental who are at the very forefront of innovation.

The UK port industry is the second largest in Europe, handling almost 500 million tonnes of freight each year, as well as over 60 million international and domestic passenger journeys. The UK ports sector is also estimated to directly employ around 101,000 people.

Contract Plant Rental make it simple for our customers to stay on top of growing demand with the most efficient & capable equipment available from general plant to major capital equipment. We supply contract hire for ports and cargo terminals, container movement, bulk material handling, material management, specialist equipment for dry bulk material and roll on roll off solutions.

Liebherr Material Handler loading a ship at UK port

Contract Rental allows you to benefit from the latest emissions compliant machines without the headaches of ownership. Providing cost effective access to brand new equipment over a set period with flexible terms. An extra added bonus of Contract Hiring from Contract Plant Rental is that you can rest assured knowing all the servicing, maintenance and repairs are covered within your rental.

One of the big benefits of contract hire to businesses is that there is no large capital outlays for equipment that could damage the company’s balance sheet. While your business needs certain equipment, through a contract hire agreement only the rental charges will be shown on the balance sheet which should make it more attractive.

We supply the industries leading brands and the latest machines so you get the best of everything, for more information on the benefits of Contract Hire or for a quote on the machinery best suited to your projects, call us on 01933 232 663