Added Value Training

For every contract you take out with Contract Plant Rental we will train your staff on a one day Environmental Awareness course which could be one of your targets within your ISO 14001 management objectives, or we could do an independent Environmental Audit review from one of our experts on a site of your choosing.

Environmental impact are not just buzz words for Contract Plant Rental they are actions we take very seriously and as a current or future partner we will work with you to make sure your operations have the least Environmental impact achievable.

Types of courses and Environmental support are dependent on the length of contract and equipment.


We pride ourselves being partners for our customers not just suppliers. We welcome an open book policy on all charges and a lean procurement partnership which lets some customers take advantage of some of the deals our group can achieve.

We work with our partners for the safety and health of their workforce offering plant/people interface training, product familiarisation, inductions and various environmental and safety courses to keep your staff fully compliant and alert with compliance issues.


Contract Plant Rental has the latest security innovations from our manufacturers and work closely with them to develop and improve security features. We offer key security, immobilisation of machine and anti-theft tracking systems, along with telematics and additional MeckLock security if required.

We work closely with our customers to utilise the latest security standards and innovations, helping to prevent crime and reduce disruption to site and downtime.

• Remote immobilization
• Tracking systems
• Unique key security
• Immobilizer key or pin start


Equipment can be supplied with the very latest in health and safety technology. They are all fitted with audible reversing alarms and all large excavators come standard with dual-locking quick hitches, reversing cameras, alarms and check valves on hydraulic cylinders. Our machines can be fitted with a range of additional features such as:

• Emergency Remote Control System (ERCS)
• Fail restraint system railings (boxing ring)
• Height & Slew restrictors
• Safe load indicators
• Fire suppression
• Waste specification
• Seatbelt immobilisation

Every CPR machine goes through an extensive pre-delivery inspection before it arrives on site, ensuring quality control is maintained throughout.

Corporate Responsibility

We believe in adopting responsible business practices that create positive change in society. We wish to contribute to the community in which we operate in a meaningful and positive way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the common ones that we get, along with answers to the questions. We will add to this list when we get more FAQs. Contact us if any of your questions are not answered here.

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