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Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions.

If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What are the upfront costs?2022-05-19T12:43:17+00:00

There are no upfront costs, after taking delivery of the machine, invoicing will be at the end of each month.

Are there any costs on top of the monthly hire charge?2022-05-19T13:15:50+00:00

No, the monthly hire charge includes all servicing and all failures through fair wear and tear.

Are there any servicing costs?2022-05-19T13:16:48+00:00

Servicing, in line with the manufactures guidelines, including all oils filters, all travel to and from site included in the monthly rental.

What if we damage the machine?2022-05-19T13:17:22+00:00

Damage happens, if the damage effects the operating of the machine we will repair and recharge the repair to you.

If the damage doesn’t affect the operating of the machine, or pose any threat to health and safety, (ie panel damage) we will review at the end of the contract.

What if the machine breaks down?2022-05-19T14:09:44+00:00

We aim to have you up and running for “next shift”, if the machine breaks down in the morning we aim to have you going in the afternoon, if the machine breaks down in the afternoon we aim to have you running again the following morning.

What if we suffer a catastrophic failure?2022-05-19T14:10:31+00:00

In the event of a major breakdown we will supply another machine, as close to specification as possible, to keep your operation running.

Will the replacement machine be like for like?2022-05-19T14:10:53+00:00

The replacement machine will be the same or similar to the machine supplied, depending on availability.

What are the return conditions?2022-09-01T14:56:02+00:00

Machines should be returned after the contract period in a state reflecting the period of hire and expected fair wear and tear.

Are tyres included in the contract?2022-05-19T14:11:38+00:00

Contracts can be tailored to suit the customer, tyres and cutting edges can be included but would be subject to achieving a fixed wear rate.

How quickly will the machine be delivered?2022-05-19T14:13:14+00:00

CPR work directly with the manufacturers so delivery is subject to stock levels at time of order. An estimated time scale will be sorted at time of order.

What is the minimum contract hire period?2022-09-01T14:56:54+00:00

This would depend on the product but a minimum 3 year contract term for new equipment, we do have mid term and short term options available from within the fleet.

I’m a new business, will I need to be credit checked?2022-09-01T14:57:26+00:00

Yes but a personal or directors guarantee may assist.

Can I extend the contract?2022-05-19T14:16:41+00:00

Yes by negotiation 6 months prior to end of contract.

Is the monthly cost fixed for the contract term?2022-05-19T14:16:56+00:00


Is delivery to my site/location included?2022-05-19T14:17:15+00:00


Do you cover the whole of the UK?2022-05-19T14:17:44+00:00

Yes and we support the “kit” wherever you are within the UK.

Do I have a single point of contact?2022-05-19T14:18:03+00:00

Yes your contract has an account manager, who in turn is supported by our operations support network.

Corporate Responsibility

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Here are a few of the common ones that we get, along with answers to the questions. We will add to this list when we get more FAQs. Contact us if any of your questions are not answered here.

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