Contract Plant Hire is perfect for that short term project or companies with limited budgets

Contract plant hire can be an attractive option for companies that need access to specialized equipment for a short-term project or those that do not want to invest in expensive equipment themselves. It allows them to access the equipment they need without having to purchase it outright, which can be particularly useful for smaller companies or those with limited budgets.

Contract plant hire refers to a service where a company provides machinery and equipment on a rental basis to another company or individual for a specified period of time. This equipment can include items such as excavators, telehandlers, dumpers, dozers and other heavy machinery used for construction, demolition, and earthmoving.

The agreement between the two parties outlines the terms of the rental, including the duration of the hire, the cost, and any specific conditions or requirements. The company providing the equipment is responsible for maintaining it and ensuring that it is in good working condition throughout the duration of the hire. At Contract Plant Rental you can hire the machine that suits your needs for the duration that you need it, which can be a far more cost effective solution than an outright purchase.

Contract Plant Hire

What Machinery do we offer at Contract Plant Rental?

Contract Plant Rental has a deep expertise across a wide range of industries in supplying contract plant hire machinery. Have a look below at our range and if you don’t find the machine you are after give us a call and we can help.

Tracked Excavator

Long Reach Excavator

Wheeled Excavator

Loading Shovel

Material Handler

Telescopic Handler



Dump Trucks

Electric Machinery


Contract Plant Rental can provide contract plant hire for virtually any machine, including equipment and attachments, from excavators to material handlers. A key benefit is that we can offer fixed costs for a fixed period, allowing your business to accurately budget and maintain good cashflow and balance sheets.

We supply the industries leading brands and the latest machines so you get the best of everything, for more information on the benefits of Contract Hire or for a quote on the machinery best suited to your projects, call us on 01933 232 663