Access Plant Hire is definitely on the increase at Contract Plant Rental

Access plant hire has seen an upturn in activity at Contract Plant Rental since 2022, and that is continuing into the new year. Access equipment is also known as an aerial work platform which a mechanical device is being used to access inaccessible areas, mainly at heights. There are many different types of access equipment, also known as a “cherry picker” or “scissor lift”. They are mainly used for purposes like maintenance or construction work and can also be seen being used by firefighters in case of emergencies. They can lift limited weights, usually less than a ton and are usually operated by a single person.

Contract Plant Hire have expanded their access equipment roster across 2022 and continue to increase it in 2023. Hiring access equipment reduces the carrying costs associated with large amounts of inventory and it frees up capital which can be better utilised elsewhere in the business to gain higher returns. This can result in improved cash flow and improved profitability due to optimum use of capital.

Here’s a few of the access machines that we have available for contract hire:

Genie GS 2632 Scissor Lift

The quiet, electrically-powered Genie GSTM-2632 slab scissor lifts are excellent for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications on firm, level surfaces.

Available with Genie AC E-Drive or hydraulic drive configuration.

  • Genie AC E-Drive configuration offers increased runtime, reduced maintenance costs and industry-leading performance
  • Easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces
  • Large platform workspace with 36 in (0.91 m)  roll-out platform extension
  • Swing out components trays for easy access
  • User-friendly Smart Link™ dual-zone controls for indoor and outdoor use
  • Swing out components trays for easy access
  • User-friendly Smart Link™ dual-zone controls for indoor and outdoor use

Access Plant Hire

Genie Z33/18 Articulated Boom Lift

With the zero-emissions Genie Z-33/18 articulating electric boom lift, drive through standard doorways, around obstacles and access overhead work from aisles even in areas where weight is limited.

Versatile and simple to operate, this boom lift is ideal for multiple indoor and outdoor jobs on sensitive grass or paved surfaces and flooring such as airports, shopping centres, theatres, etc.

  • Driveable at full height for added productivity in high-rise spaces
  • 360° turntable rotation for precise positioning at height
  • Genie Fast Mast™ boom system allows operators to descend and retrieve materials and to quickly return to work at height
  • Proportional controls for lift and drive functions
  • Swing out components trays for easy access
  • User-friendly Smart Link™ control and diagnostic system

Contract Plant Rental can provide contract plant hire for virtually any machine, including equipment and attachments, from excavators to material handlers. A key benefit is that we can offer fixed costs for a fixed period, allowing your business to accurately budget and maintain good cashflow and balance sheets.

We supply the industries leading brands and the latest machines so you get the best of everything, for more information on the benefits of Contract Hire or for a quote on the machinery best suited to your projects, call us on 01933 232 663