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In this issue of Sustainability Today, we are pleased to announce Contract Plant Rental as our Plant Rental Solutions Company of the Month.

Contract Plant Rental is one of the most specialised businesses operating within the UK’s fully integrated plant solutions and self-drive rental industries. Offering specialist hire for the waste management and scrap metal recycling sectors, we spoke to Mark Kennedy, Managing Director, who explained a little more about what the company does. “We provide fully tailored and bespoke plant rental solutions specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of our clients nationwide. Specialising in mid – long term rental solutions but also offering short term hire, as well as contract hire and rent to buy solutions. The machines we supply are specified to the customers’ needs and not just standard. Contract Plant Rental provide full 24/7 support and back up for all clients nationwide to keep their businesses operating as efficiently as possible. We operate predominantly within the heavy side of the plant machinery industry including scrap recycling and waste management, construction, quarrying, and mining.”

JCB Wastemaster Telehandler at Contract Plant Hire

Established in 2016, Contract Plant Rental is officially part of the Ballyvesey Holdings Group whose main activities revolve around transport and logistics, truck sales and aftersales support, trailer manufacturing and spare parts sales, transport industry services, construction equipment sales and hire, and property rental and development. Headquartered in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire alongside its holding depot, Contract Plant Rental’s services are spread nationwide. Using its global network to deliver the best of the firm to all clients, the company brings an innovation in management practice that ensures all clients resources are cost-effective whilst positively improving on their performance.

Contract Plant Rental can provide contract plant hire for virtually any machines, including equipment and attachments, from excavators to material handlers. Equipment Contract Hire allows you to have all the benefits of having new equipment over an agreed period of time and mileage. This gives you cost-effective access to new equipment and none of those large drops in value normally associated with owning a new vehicle outright. Each machine is fully specified and built to client’s requirements rather than coming as standard ‘off the shelf’ and this includes any extras to ensure maximum productivity for the client’s business.

“Contract Plant Rental provide total peace of mind for customers. Companies enjoy the benefits of contract hire without the headaches of ownership. The benefits of hiring from Contract Plant Rental are that we can offer new machinery from the industry’s leading brands with no upfront costs, no deposit, and no VAT. We have a 24/7 parts, service and repairs back up, as well as payment plans with fixed monthly costs for easy budgeting, flexible terms, and the option to buy or return the machine at the end of the term. Furthermore, we also offer short to midterm hire to cater for the wider industry,” stated Mark. Another benefit of contract hire is that the company handles all administration of the equipment throughout the contract, including servicing and maintenance, which eliminates the need for businesses to spend valuable resources on doing this in-house.

Atlas Material Handler with Selector Grab

Contract Plant Rental has deep access across a range of industries, working with various businesses of all sectors. “Traditionally people used to want to buy machinery but nowadays we’re seeing a huge increase in popularity of long term and contract hiring. Clients are wanting to run top of the range machinery with a reliable back up and service without the headaches of ownership and no big depreciation costs. A big part of our business is working with companies or large contracts such as quarry and motorway contracts who need reliable machinery for a longer term,” explained Mark.

There are many advantages of working with electric plant machinery rather than some diesel alternatives, and alongside electric vehicles, electric machinery is now also becoming the norm. So far in 2022, the company has injected increased investment into its portfolio adding further value to its electric machinery range. “We’ve invested heavily into our material handler fleet to even better serve the scrap and waste industries. We’ve also increased our fleet of access machines, forklifts, wheel loaders and electric machines,” said Mark. Providing a range of electrical solutions from forklifts, telehandlers, and material handlers, Contract Plant Rental is the UK’s biggest hirer of material handling machines and currently offers the largest electric range.

Waste Material Handlers are purpose-built for the waste, recycling and scrap metal industries to perform effective, high-volume material handling duties. Built with the operator in mind, some features include a comfortable cab with panoramic windows for increased visibility and an option to be hydraulically raised for heightened elevation. Contract Plant Rental own a vast range of material handlers that can be specifically modified to meet each client’s requirements.

On a mission to become the best service company in the world, we asked Mark what the company had planned for the future, he answered. “We plan to continue our investment into electric machines as the industry requirements change. We’re well placed to be able to offer the best and most efficient machines to various sides of the industry. We plan to continue growing our dedicated access and attachments divisions as customer feedback and industry demand requires. As of late, we’ve seen an increased number of local authorities and water specialist / governing bodies discover our concept and people have really come round to how it could benefit them and their business. The concept we’ve worked hard to perfect is really catching on, particularly as there’s a shift in people wanting to own machines. The concept works for them – benefits of ownership, but with no large outlays, all built into one contract. Our concept is very simple but hugely cost-effective for the end user. Quite frankly, we replace machines if they go down, and we do it to perfection.”


For more information on the services provided by Contract Plant Rental, contact us on 01933 232 663