The UKs most specialised hire company, Contract Plant Rental, has seen an increase in the demand for electric and eco-conscious machines and have satisfied this by investing heavily in their electric machinery fleet.

Industries are looking towards a greener and more sustainable future and with that comes the need for electric and more eco-friendly alternatives to the normal Diesel machines. Contract Plant Rental provide fully-tailored and bespoke plant rental solutions specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of clients nationwide. Specialising in mid to long term rental but also offering short term hire and contract hire options spanning a large range of industries from waste management and recycling, construction, demolition to quarries and mining to name a few.

Three electric telehandlers lined up

Managing Director Mark Kennedy comments, “Many industries are seeing a shift towards greener technologies. More and more clients come to us with the requirement for electric alternatives and with the need to achieve a more sustainable operation. The increasing number of clients and businesses opting for electric or hybrid machines these days is why Contract Plant Rental has invested heavily into this technology.”

Mark continues, “As local authorities and businesses nationwide look to meet net zero emissions targets, we are proud to be at the forefront of the industry, meeting the demands of our clients. We are currently supplying a number of local authorities and large contractors nationwide with a vast array of electric machines, from electric forklifts and teletruks to telehandlers and even 35 ton material handlers, for which we were the first in the country to supply.”

Today the attitude to electric and battery powered vehicles and machinery is changing rapidly with many businesses already investing in electric powered cars, vans, sweepers and refuse trucks. In a relatively short period of time, we have seen electric cars become a staple on our roads. Mark explains, “We have seen a greater acceptance around electric technology in heavy machinery over the last few years and big shift where we now see people asking how we can help them achieve more sustainable operations. These electric machines are no less powerful than their Diesel counterparts and in fact boast a range of benefits.” Electric machines are designed to run throughout an average working day on just one full charge. Zero emissions is a key step towards the UK’s Net-Zero target whilst the drastically reduced noise pollution is far better for site safety and well-being of operators. Not to mention the general running costs of electric machines is proven to be much cheaper than their Diesel sisters. The electric motor means low operation and service costs as oil changes, servicing or moving parts of a diesel engine and refuelling are no longer necessary. Mark also adds, “Since April this year, many companies, particularly those running heavy machinery have undoubtedly faced a drastic increase in their fuel bills thanks to the abolition of the cheaper Red Diesel, this makes the concept of electric machines even more attractive.”

Contract Plant Rental have had much success within this sector so far. Pleased to have been the first company in the UK to supply the Fuchs 35 ton electric material handlers, which have proved so beneficial there are further machines on order. The specialist hire firm are set on aiding clients and businesses across the country to become more sustainable and will continue to supply the best and most suitable machines in the business.

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