Combining the power and versatility of Hyundai excavators with Powerhand VRS, the future of vehicle dismantling has arrived!

Contract Plant Rental continue to supply the most innovative and reliable plant solutions to increase your productivity. Supplied by Cumbria based Taylor and Braithwaite, Contract Plant Rental bring you a Vehicle Recycling System that will boost your productivity and profits.

Tried and thoroughly tested over two years, official Hyundai dealer Taylor and Braithwaite partnered with Powerhand to bring a Vehicle Recycling System to truly switch up the industry.

Designed to make the recycling process not only more efficient but more cost effective too, the Vehicle Recycling System now offered by Contract Plant Rental is destined to replace the labour intensive and costly traditional ways of scrap vehicle processing.

Hyundai excavator with powerhand attachment

Taylor and Braithwaite Appleby Photograph Jonathan Becker

The VRS200 Grapple and Clamp Arm System allows for more efficient and precise removal of higher-grade materials and components such as engine transmission assemblies, axle/suspension components and high value wiring from the lower value body of the vehicle. The arms allow you to pin down the end of life vehicle whilst the plier like shear picks its way through the vehicle with precision and ease.

Contract Plant Rentals have recently supplied a Hyundai HX235LCR excavator and Powerhand VRS200 to a UK based end of life vehicle recyclers. The formidable set up is proving so valuable, another three are due to join the fleet in the coming weeks with the intention of having 10 by early next year. The Hyundai HX235LCR and VRS200 set up allows the operator to dismantle end of life vehicles piece by piece and remove components and specific materials, seperate electrical components and other materials effortlessly which also enables the operator to dismantle more cars per hour.

Hyundai excavator front view with Powerhand VRA attachment

Taylor and Braithwaite Appleby Photograph Jonathan Becker

Ian Burton, Director of Sales at Taylor and Braithwaite explains how the VRS works, “Like a vulture would dissect it’s prey, the VRS clamp arms pin down the vehicle to allow the grapple to systematically pull the valuable materials away from the lower value body shell” .. “The grapple features a slender, plier like shape providing an unbroken line of sight from the operator to the vehicle, allowing valuable materials like copper wiring loom to be extracted from even the tightest of areas”.

Offering a reported average of 41% increased return, it’s easy to see why this innovative combination is proving popular and supplied on contract hire by Contract Plant Rental, you benefit from the latest machinery with zero hassle of ownership.

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