Genie Hybrid

Hybrid Access Platforms are perfect for specialist applications that require increased flexibility to operate both indoors and outdoors. Many urban job sites such as city centres and low emission zones requires machines with not only low emissions but low noise too.

The increased flexibility of Hybrid Access Platforms mean they’re experiencing an increase in popularity and are now often favoured on many job sites for their versatility. The technology in Hybrid Access Platforms has evolved and now a days, Hybrid powered machines are increasingly substituted in place of standard diesel or solely electric machines.

What is a Hybrid ?

Genie Hybrid machines are powered by a Diesel engine with a generator and battery power.

The Genie FE range — fuel electric — indicates to operators that these machines can work on indoor projects under DC, or electric, battery power. And by switching to “hybrid” mode, this same boom performs as well as, if not better than diesel-only articulated booms on outdoor projects, while seamlessly charging the batteries via an onboard generator.

How FE / Hybrid technology works ?

While in DC electric mode, the motor generator on a Genie FE boom is powered by the machine’s batteries and drives its hydraulic pumps. The flow of the pumps is controlled by sophisticated valving which provides just enough pressure and flow to perform the functions without wasting any energy.  In this mode, the batteries also provide the energy for the AC electric drive motors to propel the machine with zero tailpipe emissions and zero noise.

Utilizing the full capability of FE technology, when in hybrid mode, the diesel engine is used to drive the motor generator through a clutch to provide electrical power to the drive motors, recharge the batteries, and simultaneously drive the hydraulic pump directly. This allows normal machine operations, even while the batteries are recharging. As soon as the batteries are charged, the diesel engine stops, and the machine operates electrically until another charge is needed. And even on “dead” batteries, the FE technology can provide enough power for rough terrain performance.

The benefit of Genie FE technology .. 

With so many different types of hybrid options available in today’s market, it’s important to note that there are two true differences of FE hybrid technology compared to other methods. First, the FE system provides enough power output to operate the machine normally, regardless of the charge of the batteries. And second, Genie MEWPs equipped with FE technology can swapped out for an all-electric machine working in indoor applications, as well as a diesel machine working in outdoor, rough terrain applications. Some competitors have one or the other of those advantages but only FE has both — increasing the machine’s versatility and utilization.

Available on Z45 FE and Z60/37FE

Genie Bi-Energy

An extension of the all electric mode, the bi-energy mode prolongs machine operating time. Simpler than hybrid technology, bi-energy is an ideal match for a wide variety of working at height applications. Thanks to their two modes of operation, high-performance AC motors and excellent gradeability, the new generation Genie Bi-Energy scissor lifts offer a versatile all terrain solution, adapted to indoors and outdoors job sites.

CPR Bi-Energy Genie Access Platforms 2669 BE & 4069 BE


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