Health, Safety & Environmental.

Health & Safety Commitment

We’re committed to the continued improvement to the health and safety performance throughout our company and our partners, our belief in the continued improvement of our staff and our equipment is the reason we have an exemplary record in this area and will continue to  work closely with our supply chain and customers to maintain this.

We are commited to make a safer working environment for our staff and clients and will partner with you to make sure trends are noticed and acted upon and incidents reduced.

Our Team

All our managers are health and safety trained to IOSH standard and all operators have CPCS or NPORS accreditation. We are able to offer training for your staff in all areas of Health, Safety and Environmental awareness.

Our Fleet

All equipment can be fitted with the latest safety features and technology. They’re all fitted with audible reverse alarms and automatic dual-locking quick hitches, and all large excavators have reversing cameras as standard.

Our machines can also be fitted with a range of additional features, such as:

  • Full waste spec
  • Air conditioned
  • Remote cabs
  • Emergency Remote Control Systems (ERCS)
  • Fail restraint system railings (boxing ring)
  • Alcohol breathalyser
  • Height and slew restrictors
  • Safe load indicators
  • Remote cut off
  • Latest emissions
  • Fire Suppression
  • 360 cameras
  • Chalwyn valves and spark arrestors
  • Crossrail-approved delivery vehicles
  • Seatbelt immobilisation

With contract hire machines are serviced as per manufacturers recommendations as standard within the hire price. This means the equipment is looked at far more than in tradition hire and safty issues identified quicker and resolved there and then.

Environmental Impact

Contract Plant Rental is fully committed to reducing its environmental impact and this has been achieved by good management and innovation in all our products and processes.

At Contract Plant Rental we are constantly assessing ways to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact within the industry, providing our customers with the latest machinery & innovations to help combat emissions.

Where possible we suggest machinery with the latest Tier 4 emissions standard, diesel particulate filters and the use of bio-oils and fuels. We also strongly advocate for operator efficiency training to both minimise your running costs and the impact on the environment.

Commitment to reduce our carbon footprint

  • A modern fleet which has best performance on emissions
  • New enhanced engines will drastically reduce emissions and particulate matter output
  • We monitor and reduce fuel consumption across our fleet
  • Our depots undertake all maintenance duties reducing our transport footprint
  • We offer training for operators on best environmental practice and fuel saving

•Bio-hydraulic oil is available on our equipment